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Hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment
28 July, 2020
. Many people suffer from hair loss. Anyone who notices that his hair has started to fall out, or any other problem that leads to hair loss and neglecting this problem is likely to damage the hair to baldness, alopecia or voids in the hair significantly.
The best solution is:
A unique formula for hair care with high concentrations of nutrients and vitamins
Herbs extract creatine - proteins and the best oils chosen for hair care
Which helps in hair growth, moisturizing and reaching the hair roots
° product ingredients
      Proteins and amino acids that make up 50% of the collagen and keratin solution
The product also consists of natural oils rich in vitamins such as: _
    1. Sesame oil
    2. Avocado
    3. Argan
    4- Sowing grapes
    5. mint
    6. Ginger
    7. Cloves
        It is also used before the hairdryer and kwah and before the descent of the sea or the swimming bath to protect the hair from damage and fall
        It also restores hair roots and shine

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